Conceptual Illustrations

'Pharma' Pharmaceutical Ads, Television Spots, and all media ads.

All-encompassing illustrations to meet the requirements for every creative project in the advertising, branding and all related sponsorship industries.



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TV, Film, Animation

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Comics and Graphic Novels

Bringing a script to fruition through a visual narrative.

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Since 1993

My Mission Statement:

I pride myself on meeting the needs of all creative endeavors to satisfy clients' standards and specifications they know will make a difference in their approach.

To be only an asset for the creative needs of the clients who use me to reach the audience they desire, to continuously expand their business.

To have the experience be professional and fun.  The process of creating great things begins with great ideas... that come from great people.

Taking great ideas to the next level of their necessary evolution.

Gene DeCicco

September 18th, 2017



bird and rabbit and leaves COLOR 2

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