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Playful to surreal, conceptual to narrative.

I don't know how to sell myself exactly. In the rapid world of technology and social media, it can put an artist into the difficult position that we all find ourselves in:  Someone see me!!!

We all face this dilemma however for a visual artist that doesn't perform live and can persuade the public to check out something that is a true experience, we have to capture you and hold you with one drawing, painting, sketch or doodle.

I've been doing this a long time.  I am still not exceptional at marketing myself, yet here I am, still plugging away.

If you've read this far, you're one of the great ones.  Most don't have the time or attention spans to read this much into a site's content. Ironically because it all should be visual here.

I believe that you're getting more then just an illustrator if you choose to use me.  You're getting a critical thinker. You're getting someone who wants to see your project succeed... its just good for all of us if it does.  That continues into the next arena of your vision.

Take a look around.  I'll always be moving the imagery on the site around because everything is in flux.  Nothing is forever. A river flows constantly... the wind blows omnisciently,  and mayonnaise is better when applied conservatively.

That wasn't a typo.  Mayonnaise..... Whipped cream's tangy cousin! Yum.

So thanks.  Really... you're so kind to suffer through this. I'd hug you but that may be misinterpreted.

I'm hoping my art is more appealing then my writing.  I do wish to give you substance overall here.

O.k. now.... be well. Take a look around my site a bit more at your leisure.

and smile... because someone somewhere said we should and well, it makes things better...

Not really but I needed to leave you with something to positive.




And....you're back! Great to see you again! How's Trix? I shouldn't have chosen a site that was so text rich.

Um....awkward moments....  More to read... wonderful...So yeah, here we go....

I'm am illustrator, we all known that by now... and I can illustrate almost anything.  If you want your project to succeed then just email me.  I'm that good.  I mean... come on... look at these illustrations to the left that are fading into one another. They are totally not centered and go by way too quickly for you to see anything. Oh and they're cropped so badly that maybe you're  thinking this guy is a little far sighted and he isn't skilled enough to get the art in the little squares...? Well.... the site didn't give me a choice, and I don't have the time to sit and re-crop all of my art. I'm way too busy drawing, designing and sketching every day. Use your imagination.... goodness gracious!

Maybe I revealed just enough.... maybe you're intrigued?  Maybe you're annoyed and are clicking off my site right now...no no NO no wait.. don't go...please.... I am really so busy I haven't had the time to find a web designer that I can explain all this ball-nuttery to, AND pay for, AND complain to about afterward...like I said, I'm busy...

I am still confused as to why they made this template with all the empty space to the left.  I mean what a waste of cyber real estate.